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Roof Repairs

Often, we’re called to inspect roofs that are still in fairly good condition but are experiencing water infiltration. If not careful, an owner can get talked into replacing a roof and spending considerable amounts of money when their roof still had plenty of life left in it.

Our 52 years in the roofing industry will helps us determine whether or not you really do need to invest in a complete new roofing system or not. If we determine that the problems can be resolved by simply repairing certain areas, we will gladly make those recommendations.

We often advise building owners not to re-roof a building when they’ve been told otherwise by different firms. We repair urethane foam, single ply, modified membrane and gravel surfaced roofs.

Urethane Foam and Coating Systems

Our firm has been applying these urethane foam systems since 1974. They provide excellent waterproofing and insulation properties. Depending on the need for additional insulation, different thicknesses can be sprayed over the roof deck. The minimum is a 1” application.

The urethane foam goes on as a liquid and quickly rises to the thickness desired. You are able to walk over the new foam about 30-45 seconds after it’s sprayed. When in it’s liquid stage, it fills all cracks and voids in the old roof. Since it goes on as a liquid, there are no seams or laps anywhere on the new roof. This makes this system incredibly resistant to any kind of water infiltration.

After the foam is applied, we can coat it with either an acrylic or silicone top coat. The silicone coatings are very durable. They are a little more expensive than the acrylics but they are considerably more durable. This system does require some maintenance. The acrylic systems need to be re-coated 7-8 years into the life of the roof. The silicone systems can last about 10-12 years.

The finished roof will provide you with a very lightweight, well insulated roof. This type of roof is also less expensive than the single ply roofs. As an owner, you decide to spend more money up front with the more expensive single ply roofs that require no maintenance or spend less with the foam roofs up front and more money during the life of the roof.

Coating Systems for Metal Roofs

We have several coating systems that we can apply over metal roofs. There are times when your budget simply will not allow you to invest the money that it would take to install a single ply roof over your metal panels.

We have some very high performance coatings that may be able to stop whatever problems you may be experiencing with water leaks. These systems require that we properly clean the metal panels, seal all the fastener heads, prepare the metal panel overlaps and finally apply the coating system selected.

The finished product will provide you with a highly reflective surface with will reduce the heat load on your roof. It will also stop the problem with water leaks as well.

We are certified by Gaco Western and Lapolla Coatings. These are two very reputable coating manufacturers.

If this is something that may fit your needs, please give us a call and we will inspect your roof right away.